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8 January
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The devil incarnate. i'm small satanic and will bite you if you annoy me! No, i can be nice when needed but all other times BE WARNED. i dont have fave things to do, i just do them and in time they become fond past memories, which i laugh at.
3 colours red, 36 crazyfists, a perfect circle, absinthe, alkaline trio, amen, anne rice, art, at the drive-in, bdsm, belt whippings, bill bailey, black, blood, cameras, cats, catwoman, conspiracy theories, creativeness, creativity, dark angels, dark fantasy, david gray, david tennant, dead like me, death and sex, deftones, dictators, digital cameras, doctor who, domination, dominatrix, dracula, drawing, dropkick murphys, eighties matchbox b-line disaster, evil dictators, evil men, evil women, fantasy, films, fire, freaks union, galleries, getting caught, gibson guitars, guilty pleasures, handcuffs, hating hull, horribly big guns, house of flying daggers, iggy pop, inspiration, interpol, jack daniels, jack off jill, jeff buckley, killing joke, labyrinth, leather, manga, misfits, monty python, music, my friends, nice hair, nirvana, pain, photography, photos, pics, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, pleasure, poetry, punishment, punk, ramones, reading, restraints, riding crops, rock n roll, s and m, sadists, sarcasm, scars, screaming, secrets, setting fire to things, sex pistols, shaun of the dead, sleeping, snow, soldiers, spaced, spirited away, ss, ss uniforms, stereophonics, stiff little fingers, student radio, suicide girls, swearing and cursing, swords, taking photos, tattoos, tchaikovsky, the clash, the clauberg opera, the cooper temple clause, the crow, the cure, the distillers, the icarus line, the mars volta, the pogues, the streets, thursday, transplants, travis barker, type o negative, vampires, vodka, whips, writing